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Located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, since its establishment in 2007, Suzhou Fedun Electric Appliance Co. , Ltd. is a Technical Service, R & D, design, installation and commissioning company specializing in electric automation and new energy power, in the same industry has a very high degree of recognition, the company based on independent core technology and system integration advantages, for new energy batteries, nuclear power, kiln, tobacco, polysilicon, environmental protection, petroleum and petrochemical industries to provide the most valuable products and solutions, in a number of listed companies and industry leaders have many years of experience in cooperation.

We focus on providing customers with high cost-effective automation products and services, mainly to provide Taiwan huate power regulator, also known as power regulator, SCR. And at the same time to provide customers with the use of products, management, maintenance, after-sales and system training, technical support and other integrated services, and in the main sales area to provide technical services.

In recent years, our company has also signed a contract with Shenzhen Yingweiteng Electric Co. , Ltd. . When signing this contract, in order to better expand the company's business and develop more industry areas, can let the INVT product can in the more listed enterprise, the profession leading enterprise equipment matching use, and provides the service better.

Facing a wide range of industrial customers, in constant cooperation to seek win-win and development, has been our firm concept.