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Main application of temperature sensor of power regulator

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Main application of temperature sensor of power regulator

Temperature is a physical quantity which indicates the degree of cold and Hot, and is a very important and universal measurement parameter in the process of industry and agriculture. Temperature measurement and control plays an important role in ensuring product quality, improving production efficiency, saving energy, ensuring production safety and promoting the development of national economy. Because of the universality of temperature measurement, the number of temperature sensors is the first among all kinds of sensors, accounting for about 50% .

The temperature sensor is measured indirectly by changing the characteristics of an object with temperature. Many materials, the characteristics of components are changing with the change of temperature, so can be made of a considerable number of materials temperature sensor. The physical parameters of temperature sensors vary with temperature, such as expansion, resistance, capacitance, and electromotive force, magnetic properties, frequency, optical properties, thermal noise and so on. With the development of production, temperature sensors will continue to emerge.


Due to the wide range of temperature measurement in industrial and agricultural production, from hundreds of degrees below zero to thousands of degrees, and a variety of materials made of temperature sensors can only be used in a certain temperature range.